Various risks



  1. Banking documents:

It covers cash and funds in the bank, breach of trust, faking cheques and currency and natural disasters.

  1. Robbery of lockers and treasures:

Returning money, stamp value, reprinting cheques, financial and official documents during their existence in steel lockers and may expose robbery.

  1. Cash transport:

To compensate the insured against losses that their money may expose during transport to and fro banks or to and fro one branch to another.

  1. Insure breach of trust:          

To compensate employers against losses result from theft or peculation or waste of money by its employees and workers.

  1. Personal accidents:

To pay identified amounts in the cases of death or disability of the insured due to an accident.

  1. : ALL risks
This insurance policy is special in nature and it includes covering marine, land, vehicle, property, drilling operations and civil responsibility for lives and others' properties.